At Ciholas, We fill the gap from chip to app.

An Interesting project we’ve done is the Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C. This museum is four hundred and thirty thousand square feet of space that is covered by our system. It’s a very large scale, to single largest installation of UWB-tracking in North America currently. The design process for them was a complete cycle, starting for early conceptual designs, through prototyping phases, and definitely iteration back and forth with them improving the design.

There were several different stages that we went through. Early stages obviously involved a lot of software. From there we researched different ways of holding the device, whether it be a lanyard or straps. From there, we designed an enclosure for the device with the user interface in mind. The Museum opened in November of 2017, and since that time we’ve maintained a presence on site and remotely, troubleshooting any problems that might arise.

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At Ciholas, we’ve developed an ultra-wideband system called CUWB.

This system is now being licensed by companies all over the world in their particular applications, from medical, to livestock, to forklifts, to tracking athletes, to tracking drones, and so forth.

When a tag is being located by anchors, line-of-sight is required to use the over-the-air timing information between the radios.

If a human body for instance, gets in the way, our system is capable of identifying the problem and weighting that information out of the location calculations to ensure accuracy.

Ciholas’ Ultra-wideband system is superior in a few ways in that the amount of locations per second that we can get is much higher than some of the competing sources.

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Our goal of ensuring Ciholas employees are comfortable and happy in their workplace helps them be more productive and us more productive as a company.

At Ciholas, we try to create a situation here where we’re looking long term for the employees health. We want to create an environment where the employee is challenged, has interesting work to do, doesn’t get monotonous, there’s new things to learn and do all the time.

Employees are given a lot of projects in different areas, allowing them to diversify their knowledge. You have a lot of freedom to solve problems in a way that suits you best.

We always like to say that we don’t hire people for positions, we actually hire people for their talents, and we find positions for them to fill. Our engineers are expected to work a forty-hour work week, but they are able to organize those forty hours in a way that works best for them.

With the goal of ensuring everyone is comfortable and happy in their workplace so that they’re more productive and you’re more productive as a company.

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