Profile: Michael Monroe – Associate Software Engineer

Michael Monroe, associate software engineer, originally from Canton, Ohio, moved to Evansville to work at our facilities. In his time with us, Monroe has excelled within our company.

“It’s been interesting because going somewhere where you don’t know anybody it’s tough, but I immediately felt really at home here at Ciholas and I’ve gotten close to the people I work with. So it’s been good,” Monroe says.

For Monroe that change has been more than just the zipcode as he has grown as a software engineer. He recently worked on changing how the devices in our system are configured tomanage sensor data.

“It has been a big project that at first was a large undertaking, but I really enjoyed working on that and it was cool to see the results afterward,” Monroe says.

When Monroe started working with us, he started working on our CUWB (Ciholas ultra-wideband) servers and now he works on code for the firmware side of that same system.

“I want to continue to grow and learn more about firmware and become a better resource for other people who are working on other projects here.” He says.

Monroe says he enjoys the changes in scenery that you can enjoy in Evansville and the helpfulness of his co-workers.

“I am always amazed at how people here make themselves available when I’m stuck on a tough problem or need help on something I’ve never done before.“He adds. “Because of that support, I’ve grown a lot as an engineer in the last two years and I hope that I can support others the same way.”

Monroe went to school at Taylor University in Upland, Indiana and hopes to continue to grow with our company and within our community!