Areas of Expertise

  • Electrical Design - Ciholas believes that PCB layout is an integral part of the design process and as such, we do all of our board layout in-house. This allows us to design at a level above our competition, creating designs that are extremely integrated mechanically and electrically. Many of our designs are highly space-constrained and would otherwise remain unrealized without our intimate knowledge of the circuit board layout. This allows us to pursue innovative solutions, such as heat sinking, high-speed signal processing, ESD, and more.

  • Software Design - Many of our projects incorporate processing units ranging from the simple low-level micro-controller to the more complex processors. Whether the need is for embedded software control or application software to interface with a design, Ciholas has skilled programmers ready with a solution.  

  • Mechanical Design - Mechanical integration can often be a nightmare for even the most skilled hardware engineer. At Ciholas mechanical development is done hand-in-hand with hardware development. The design tools we use allow us to create models of the electronics and place them in the mechanicals before either exist. 

  • Prototyping - Ciholas has in-house turnkey prototyping services, including printed circuit boards and small quantity prototype product assembly. Our battery of test equipment allows us to quickly test hardware and identify problem areas. Our facilities at Ciholas include an RF screen room, a temperature and humidity chamber, and an ESD generator. These facilities and our trained prototyping staff allow us to identify problem areas in designs eliminating the need for expensive repeat visits to certified test facilities.