VIDEO: Our People, Our Culture

Our goal of ensuring Ciholas employees are comfortable and happy in their workplace helps them be more productive and us more productive as a company.

At Ciholas, we try to create a situation here where we’re looking long term for the employees health. We want to create an environment where the employee is challenged, has interesting work to do, doesn’t get monotonous, there’s new things to learn and do all the time.

Employees are given a lot of projects in different areas, allowing them to diversify their knowledge. You have a lot of freedom to solve problems in a way that suits you best.

We always like to say that we don’t hire people for positions, we actually hire people for their talents, and we find positions for them to fill. Our engineers are expected to work a forty-hour work week, but they are able to organize those forty hours in a way that works best for them.

With the goal of ensuring everyone is comfortable and happy in their workplace so that they’re more productive and you’re more productive as a company.

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