We're engineering the future through innovation and invention.

Ciholas, Inc. excels in crafting intricate electronic systems for global clients across diverse industries. Our passion lies in inventing, developing, and engineering patentable embedded technology. Specializing in aiding startups and expediting development, Ciholas can serve as your complete engineering department or enhance your team selectively. We're here for innovation, and we have the patents to prove it.

Inventors of cutting-edge Ultra-Wideband tech.

We have years of experience building UWB systems for clients across various industries. Our systems are built for speed, accuracy, and efficiency. Ciholas can solve your business problem with a custom-built UWB solution. If it's possible with UWB, it's possible with Ciholas.


Ciholas can walk you through the invention process to help you find a solution that is possible to complete, design, and produce.


Our talented team of Computer, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineers is ready to turn your idea into a real, hands-on product.


Once your idea or product is engineered, we can oversee its manufacturing and distribution while providing updates along the way.

Join the Team!

At Ciholas, our team of dedicated engineers is experiencing significant growth. Together, we are passionately committed to pushing the boundaries of technology and delivering cutting-edge solutions to clients worldwide. Are you interested in joining our team? Inquire today!