We're building custom applications with our patented Ultra-Wideband tech.

Ultra-Wideband (UWB) is a cutting-edge technology that communicates high bandwidth information over a wide radio frequency spectrum using very low power levels. The most common application of UWB is in Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) which use a series of UWB tags and anchors to precisely define and track the location of assets within a facility. Additionally, the UWB radio frequency can be applied to information transfer for a variety of applications and uses.

Ciholas is at the forefront of UWB technology as we develop custom-designed solutions that have benefited businesses across the world in dozens of industries. Ciholas Ultra-Wideband (CUWB) applications are tracking the location of assets across millions of square feet. We are excited to continue to discover and implement the countless ways that CUWB can benefit the operation and direction of our client's business operations.

Ciholas can create an Ultra-Wideband solution that is custom built for you!

UWB Applications from Ciholas

Ciholas’ patented UWB technology is used in applications worldwide. If UWB is viable for your application, we can custom build a solution. Below are a few examples of UWB systems built for our clients.

Existing UWB Installations
Warehouse Assets in Very Large Facilities
Animals in Farm and Residential Buildings
Athletes in Indoor and Outdoor Arenas
Stage Performers
Gaming Devices in Amusement Parks
Equipment in Mines
Medical Equipment and Employees in Hospitals
Guests in Entertainment Buildings
Tools in Nuclear Reactors
Application Features
Scalable beyond 1,000,000+ sq ft of coverage
3,500+ Locates Per Second
Installations Operating with 650+ Anchors and 1,500+ Tags
100 Hz+ Tag Beacon Rate
Centimeter Level Precision
Other Technology
We are constantly building new solutions for our Ultra-Wideband customers. If you have a unique use of UWB, we want to help! Partner with Ciholas to use the highest performing UWB RTLS available! 

Why choose Ciholas for UWB?

Over a Decade of Experience in UWB

Long Battery Life

High Locate Rate

Scalable and Customizable Systems

Available 9-Axis Motion Processor

Phase-Based Tracking & Orientation

Sensor Fusion and Backhaul

Large-Scale Applications

Anchors Powered by Chainable PoE

Looking for a custom high-tech solution?

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