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Welcome to our hub of innovation in Southern Indiana, where we engineer transformative solutions for global impact. We tackle diverse projects—from ultra-wideband tracking to robotics and more. Join us in shaping the technological future for companies across the globe. Explore opportunities to join our dynamic team today.

The Ciholas Culture

At Ciholas, we encourage a culture of innovation and collaboration. We know that each employee comes to the table with a different personality, skill set, and life experience. We strive to create an environment where our employees are comfortable and best equipped to provide the best possible results for their projects.


Every one of our employees is an individual with different strengths. We accommodate those strengths and individual preferences in the way we plan and execute our work. While this requires more effort at the management level, we know it yields better results and a more satisfied staff overall.


Technology changes daily, and here at Ciholas, learning is a lifelong pursuit. We encourage every employee to grow in new areas and skills as the opportunity arises. No one here is pigeonholed into one role.


We trust our employees to perform and operate ethically and in accordance with company goals. Our employees care about our work and our clients, and we care about our employees.


We want our employees to have a good, balanced life. To achieve this, we set a target number of hours of work each year that allows employees to have the ability to live and experience life outside of work. We’ve even provided a fun room and a relaxation room for those times when you just need a short break from your day-to-day responsibilities.


Our management team works to empower our employees to do their jobs effectively with minimal obstruction. We seek to remove barriers to productivity rather than create them.


Our policies provide the maximum amount of flexibility to our employees. From flexible daily schedules and vacations to providing employees with the equipment and materials that they need to be their most productive, we even let you pick out your own office chair!

"During my experience as a Software Engineering Intern at Ciholas, I was able to work on a real engineering project that made a genuine contribution to the company.  Along with helping me become a more professional software designer and engineer, it gave me the opportunity to learn about technologies that I had never thought about before.  After going through my internship, I was set up well to transition into a full-time role at Ciholas, where I continue to learn more every day."

Marshal Gress

Software Engineer

Ciholas Headquarters

We operate from a custom-built, 35,000-square-foot building in Newburgh, Indiana. Our founder personally designed the building to be one of the most energy-efficient buildings in the Tri-State. Our workspaces are arranged in project pods to encourage cross-discipline collaboration and efficiency. Workshops, prototyping, office space, a theater room, a relaxation space, a library, and a full kitchen are all available on-site. Our facilities are designed to be efficient, comfortable, and productive for our employees and their projects.

Employee Benefits

Competitive Salary

Health Insurance Options

Relaxed Work Environment

Flexible Schedule

Funded Life Insurance

Gym Membership Stipend

Paid Time Off for All Employees

Retirement Options

Short Term Disability

Get to know Evansville & Newburgh

Nestled along the Ohio River, Evansville, Indiana, and neighboring Newburgh epitomize Southern Indiana's charm. Evansville, the state's third-largest city, offers urban sophistication and small-town warmth, boasting a rich manufacturing heritage and diverse economy. Newburgh, nearby, exudes quaint charm with its historic downtown and scenic riverfront. Together, they offer cultural experiences and endless exploration, inviting visitors to experience Indiana's dynamic spirit.

175+ Miles of Trails
116+ Public Parks

Don't think you have to stay cooped up inside in your affordable (see next local feature) home. Go outside and enjoy our local parks, trails, and outdoor areas!

90% Lower Cost of Living Than Silicon Valley*

Avoid the high cost of living in other areas of the country. Your high-tech career doesn't require you to live in a location with expensive everything.
*Based on information from Forbes

75+ Annual Events & Festivals

Enjoy Music, Sports, Food, and more in our area! The Evansville region is home to the 2nd Largest Street Festival in the country, half a dozen museums, and hosts college tournaments for several sports.

Career Opportunities

To submit your resume, please click the apply button to be directed to our submission form. Please indicate your career objectives. Information can be sent to

Are you looking for a position that's not listed? Apply anyway! We are always looking for local employees who have experience in computer engineering, software development, electrical engineering, and all forms of tech!

Ciholas is an equal opportunity employer that values diversity. Salary is commensurate with capability and experience and benefits include health and retirement plans.

Firmware Developer

This position is for a full-time firmware developer to work on a wide range of projects. Responsibilities include development, creation, and modification of embedded code for intelligent radio devices used in location systems. Development will be primarily in C on ST microcontrollers, but other environments are possible. The code primarily manages a radio interface on a real time basis to optimize performance and air time utilization. Experience in writing low level code, such as interrupt handlers, peripheral drivers, and radio drivers is preferred. Use of firmware debugging tools and techniques required.

Our engineers collaborate in cross-disciplinary team to create solutions in a variety of industries. They participate in brainstorming, prototyping, testing, and analysis, including documentation and communications to promote team and client understanding that results in turning ideas into products.

  • Ultra-wideband, Bluetooth, Zigbee, networking
  • Low power programming
  • C, C++, python
  • Architectures: ARM, x86
  • Environments: FreeRTOS, Linux, Android, bare metal

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Newburgh, Indiana

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Ciholas offer paid college internships for students studying:

  • Computer Science
  • Software Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Computer Engineering

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Newburgh, Indiana

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