Custom Design

The Ciholas Invention Process

Ciholas spends the time necessary to truly understand a client’s problem or project and how we can use our expertise to help. Oftentimes we can suggest new perspectives and approaches based on our knowledge of the newest technologies. We are then able to create new ideas that can radically change an industry or client’s product line. We enable our clients to become the disruptors in their markets.

(Identify the problem)

Conceptual Analysis

Every project can be broken down into a problem that needs a solution. At Ciholas, we specialize in working very closely with our clients to integrate their existing knowledge of the marketplace and product requirements with our technical expertise about the possibilities and associated trade-offs. In some cases, Ciholas has already internally developed certain relevant concepts and algorithms as part of our Intellectual Property portfolio that we can leverage for the client. Our experience with every aspect of the design process allows us to provide unique solutions to today’s problems using the very latest in technology.

(Best solutions to the problem)

Idea Creation

At this phase of our process we define the electrical, mechanical and software “architecture” of the product. This is a high-level description of what could be developed and how the different system components will work together. Included at this level is research on competing products, applicable new technologies, and testing proof-of-concepts.

(Our Expertise at Work)

Engineering Design

During the design phase of a project, we develop the specific electrical, mechanical, and software components of the system. This involves the creation of electrical schematics, laying out printed circuit boards, designing RF components, developing solid models of mechanical parts, and coding for micro-controllers, processors and FPGAs. This phase contains the bulk of our development work. To do this, we use several different CAD packages and simulation tools to ensure that the design is robust and works properly on the first try. We pride ourselves on elegant production-ready solutions often eliminating the need for costly prototype builds and design revisions.

(How we make you a leader in your industry)


The design phase concludes with the creation of a small quantity of functional prototypes. This phase migrates those functional prototypes to factory production. First we put the prototypes through a series of engineering tests to fully validate the design. Then after completing any necessary modifications, the units are tested and field trialed by the client (and sometimes the end users). The final piece of the process is to roll all the accumulated test feedback into a final production release. Ciholas then works with our clients to find the right manufacturer, set up factory acceptance tests, acquire regulatory acceptance (if necessary), and support production as needed.

(Final product does not equal end of relationship)

Full Product Support

While a lot of engineering firms see final production as the end of their relationship with their clients, there are a variety of other services that our experience and expertise helps to provide.

  • Intellectual Property
  • Bug Tracking
  • Repairs
  • End of Life Cycle