Technology & Capabilities

Your Startup Engineering Specialist

Ciholas is a high-tech contract engineering and invention firm. We create, design, develop, build, test, and support high-tech devices, software, and systems for clients around the world.


• Problem Definition
• Feasibility Studies
• Conceptual Design
• Patents, IP Protection


• Electrical, Mechanical, Software Design
• Wireless, Wifi, Cell, Bluetooth, UWB, ZigBee
• Custom Wireless Protocols and Systems
• Sensors, Interfaces, Digital Processing
• Power and Battery Management
• Antenna Development and Measurement
• Plastic and Sheet Metal Design
• Firmware, Embedded, Desktop Development
• Web, Cloud, and Distributed Systems
• Math and Algorithm Development


• UL, CE Safety Review
• FCC, ETSI, CE, EU Compliance Testing
• MSHA and Intrinsic Safety
• RoHS, Green Requirements


• Prototype Builds
• Initial Production
• Contract Manufacturer Selection
• US and Foreign Sourcing
• Factory Test Development


• Demonstration and Testing Services
• Bug Tracking and Fixes
• Repairs
• Updates and Upgrades
• Part Obsolescence
• End of Life Support