From Chip to App: Custom Engineering

April 11, 2024

For more than 20 years, we have specialized in providing custom engineering for clients in a variety of industries. By that, we mean people hire us to invent things for them.

“People come to us with their particular problem or a particular product they need to build or take to the next level. However, they don’t necessarily have all the expertise or all of the knowledge to build it. We provide that expertise and knowledge so that they can use high- tech in their product and change their industry,” says president Mike Ciholas.

Today, almost all industries have high-tech components. There are smart watches, smart refrigerators, smart cars. You name it; there is probably a smart version. All these industries are undergoing rapid change and need to introduce more and better technology to stay on the cutting edge of their industry.

“We enable our customers to use high-tech to their best advantage to compete in their industry,” he says.

“We have worked with big and small projects to achieve our customer’s goals. We do a lot of work with antennas and wireless devices, but our capabilities don’t end there,” Ciholas says..

Our business started with our desire to invent and build high-tech devices. What we have become is a company that can propel our clients to be disruptors in their industry. Our skills include a wide array of abilities, including conceptual design, ultra-wideband real-time location, image processing, intellectual property rights, and more.

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