Sarah Dory - Electrical Engineer

April 11, 2024

Sarah Dory graduated with two degrees that make her uniquely qualified to work on groundbreaking technology and assist clients in technical theatrical productions; Theater and Electrical Engineering.

From the small town of Greencastle, Indiana, Dory describes her childhood as quiet, fun, and full of support.

“It was kind of a Norman Rockwell type childhood in the sense that there we were insulated from adult and world issues and I remember spending summers running around the neighborhood with my friends. The neighbors didn’t mind and we played outside a lot!” Dory says.

Her community helped shape one of her passions with their summer plays.

“One of my favorite memories is the Putnam County Playhouse. It’s this barn in the middle of rural Putnam County (Indiana) that was converted to a stage where we do four productions in the summer for the community.” Dory says.

Dory graduated with a degree in Theater Design and Technology with an emphasis in Scenic Design and a second degree in Electrical Engineering. She mentions that those majors represent who she is and what her passions are. To her, these passions are a lot more similar than we think.

For her, scenic design is all about the audience’s perception. Her process includes visualizing the play and designing the stage environment to ensure the actors come in and out on time. She says reading the play is the first task for scenic design, one that she enjoys doing.

“My favorite part is teaching the kids scenic painting. For the Warrick County Summer Musical, we work with highschoolers. There are adult staff, but the majority of my stage crew are students. So it’s a fun process for me to pass along those skills and teach a new generation.”

Dory has worked on several significant theatrical productions at the University of Evansville, her alma mater. Now on her time off, she works with the local communities on their summer musicals.

“I wasn’t an actor. I actually like to be behind the scenes. I work with schools within both Vanderburgh and Warrick County helping them design their productions.” Dory says.

With Ciholas, Dory has worked on many different projects, including several client theatrical productions using our ultra-wideband tracking technology to track actors, musicians, and other items on stage. She has made good use of her experience, passion, and two degrees!

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