Seeing the World Through Technology

April 11, 2024

Computer vision is an emerging technology that is quickly becoming part of our everyday life. Complex vision systems in use today include robotic manufacturing, license plate readers, facial recognition, and much more. And there are exciting new possibilities headed our way such as self-driving cars, refrigerators that restock themselves and advanced medical diagnostic imaging.

“The number of applications made possible by computer vision seems to grow more and more each day.” says Evan Hallam, Senior Computer Engineer.

In some cases, computer vision may be the only way to solve certain problems, but it can be difficult to integrate into some applications. We can create imaging devices that act as a brain translating images into 1s and 0s. A computer can then utilize this image representation to perform a task. It’s easy to think of computer vision as a single technology that can be dropped into place to solve a complex problem, but the reality is that each application is different.

“By providing capabilities such as locating, tracking, and identifying an object, computer vision enables new categories of products that were not possible or economically feasible before,” says Master Software Engineer Herb Hollinger. “Things like self-driving cars are designed with this application in mind.”

One of Ciholas’ areas of expertise is selecting the right sensor to get the right image at the right speed. Not all vision systems are created equal and each solution has a unique set of requirements. We have developed complex high-speed camera systems for sporting events that require extremely high frame rates, but don’t necessarily require complex AI to interpret images. Those systems are very different than consumer-grade products we have developed with low price points that need AI, but can operate with inexpensive image sensors and low frame rates.

Our experience and expertise in the field of computer vision has allowed us to realize products in a variety of applications. We anticipate this technology will continue to grow and become an even larger part of our everyday life. If you would like more information about our computer vision technology experience, contact us at

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